Unconscious Bias as a Major Leadership Blind Spot.

Strategies for Dealing With Difficult People.

Valuing and Managing a Diverse Workforce.

Benjamin F. Brooks is a retired Major of the Pennsylvania State Police, international speaker, Consultant and Founder of Major Ben’s Consulting Agency specializing in providing assistance to companies to more effectively implement their Cultural Diversity programs. His specific areas of expertise include: Understanding, valuing diversity, inclusion and the effects of unconscious bias, Dealing with Difficult People, Policing your image, preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, Talent management.  » More on Major Ben


Through humor, antidotes, and personal experiences, Major Ben Brooks has the unique ability to have an instant rapport with his audiences.

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Major Leadership Blindspot-Bias

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Black Jobs

Listening to the debate I cringed when I heard the phrase immigrants are coming to the United States to take black jobs. I don’t know how many people took note of the disingenuous scapegoating when it comes to the lives of people of color. The fear-mongering in that...

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Bullying In Schools

On May 16, 2024, David Jones penned an article in the Headlines Smart newspaper with the following headline, “Ten-Year-Old Boy Takes Own Life After Relentless Bullying”. This was a tragic ending that never should have occurred. According to the article, many pleas for...

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Racial Ingratiation

In the post-Jim Crow era, the powerless experienced a measure of power and control. They believed that justice and fair play were attainable. However, some of those who have enjoyed a lifetime of privilege, are experiencing perceived disparities and hereto for unheard...

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