Unconscious Bias as a Major Leadership Blind Spot.

Strategies for Dealing With Difficult People.

Valuing and Managing a Diverse Workforce.

Benjamin F. Brooks is a retired Major of the Pennsylvania State Police, international speaker, Consultant and Founder of Major Ben’s Consulting Agency specializing in providing assistance to companies to more effectively implement their Cultural Diversity programs. His specific areas of expertise include: Understanding, valuing diversity, inclusion and the effects of unconscious bias, Dealing with Difficult People, Policing your image, preventing sexual harassment in the workplace, Talent management.  » More on Major Ben


Through humor, antidotes, and personal experiences, Major Ben Brooks has the unique ability to have an instant rapport with his audiences.

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Major Leadership Blindspot-Bias

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Clarence Thomas and Affirmative Action

The Supreme Court weighs in on the latest iteration of affirmative action. It is an issue that has divided the country for many years. Much of the division is a lack of historical perspectives. The notion that African-Americans would enjoy a benefit because of the...

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Fear and Bias in Policing

Webster defines fear as an unpleasant, often strong emotion caused by anticipation or awareness of danger. It is evident in the behavior of humans, particularly during stressful situations. As a 30+ year member of the Pennsylvania State Police, I've witnessed many...

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A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Like many Americans, when I was awakened by the news that George Floyd had died as result of a police encounter, I was mortified. In that instance, the pictures were worth more than a thousand words. To see a police officer with his knee on the neck of a person who is...

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