From Our Clients

"I was particularly delighted with Major Brooks is forthright method of addressing the organizational as well as individual liability stemming for what you call 'Paramour Preference,'  a very sensitive topic that many EEO trainers are reluctant to address."

— William J. Peberdy, EEO/Affirmative Action unit, City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for your participation and helping to make our event a success. You brought such excitement to the topic, 'Diversity and the Business Woman'."

— Becky Marshall, Communications/Public Affairs Manager, The Brethren Mutual Insurance Co., Hagerstown, Maryland

"I want to thank you personally for such a well presented diversity program.  You did an excellent job of delivering a very touchy subject with such ease."

— Sarah Shappell, Trainer

"In presenting your five critical keys for effective leadership, you were outstanding in every sense of the word. This was by far the most enjoyable training session that I've attended since my assignment to the Police Athletic League."

— Officer Steve Brennan, Tacony P.A.L., Philadelphia Police Department

"Your presentation was impressive and even more thought provoking it helped me to see some of my own prejudices and it will help me deal with racism and sexism in a more intelligent manner."

— Mary Allen, Naval Inventory Control Center, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

"Everyone enjoyed your presentation, but it was your personality and positive attitude that was uplifting to our membership."

— Albert Fitchett, Jr., United States Customs Service

"Major, you were great in Norfolk. It was a pleasure to share the platform with you. You had a commanding style and great stage presence."

— Chuck Reaves, CSP, CP A. E., National Speakers Association

"Thank you for the excellent training program that you conducted for us in titles and handling difficult people.  The program was interesting, informative and well presented.

— Jacqueline Manns-Smalley, Adult Probation and Parole, First District Court of Pennsylvania

"The diversity workshop for 55 members of the Addison group was impactful, energizing and extremely informative. We expect that there will be an opportunity to introduce you to a number of our treasured clients."

— Scott Addis, President, the Addison Group

Major Ben's Topics

Benjamin F. Brooks specializes in providing assistance to companies to more effectively implement their Cultural Diversity programs. His specific areas of expertise include:

  • A common sense approach to Understanding, Valuing Diversity, Inclusion, and Unconscious Bias
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Policing Your Image
  • Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Talent Management

Keynote Speech

"If Your Life Has You Handcuffed, Let Me Share My Keys"

Major Ben Brook's most popular keynote addresses the Foundations for Effective Work Teams in a Diverse Environment, including these five Leadership Keys to Success:

  • Attitude
  • Self-esteem
  • Motivation
  • Goal setting
  • Commitment

Workshop Descriptions

Policing Your Image

This workshop examines the various elements that impact on the image of the individual as well as on the Organization. Each participant will have an opportunity to do an analysis of how he or she thinks others perceive them. Then all participants will be given actual strategies on improving their own self-image, as well as the image of the Organization.

What You'll Learn:
  • How Your Image is Everything
  • How perception can differ from reality
  • Taking stock of your image
  • How you communicate a positive image
  • How to boost your self-esteem
  • How you communicate with courtesy
  • Making a commitment to a total quality image
  • Discover your action plan

By the end of the program, each participant will see themselves in a more positive light. They'll know what a good image looks like. They'll actually employ the strategies they learned for effectively interacting with fellow employees and the public in a more professional manner.

Cultural Diversity

This workshop examines various aspects of Culture and how it impacts on the diverse Organization.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to appreciate Cultural Diversity
  • How the words you use can impact on others
  • The implications of demographics, individuality and organizationality
  • How your behavior is affected by your attitude and stereotyping
  • Cultural do's and don'ts
  • How you can make your interpersonal communication more effective
  • Understanding a diverse workforce
  • How to value and manage a diverse workforce
  • How you can build a cohesive and effective team

Prevention and Handling of Sexual Harassment

This workshop examines the complex relationships between males and females in the workplace. You'll learn the definition of Sexual Harassment. You'll find out about Management and Supervisory responsibility. And you'll know exactly how to handle complaints and investigations.

What You'll Learn:
  • So what exactly is Sexual Harassment?
  • How to identify Sexual Harassment -- you'll learn its characteristics
  • The different types of Sexual Harassment
  • The steps you can take to prevent Sexual Harassment
  • EEOC Guidelines
  • What is needed to prove Sexual Harassment
  • Employer liability for Sexual Harassment by Supervisors
  • Employer liability for Sexual Harassment by co-workers
  • Employer liability for Sexual Harassment by non-employees
  • The problem of the affair gone sour
  • The mixed motive problem
  • Constructive discharge -when firing is the answer
  • The effects of Sexual Harassment
  • How you can minimize your exposure to Sexual Harassment
  • How to handle complaints
  • Other formal complain processes

By the end of the workshop, all participants will have a thorough knowledge of what exactly Sexual Harassment is. They'll know how it affects them and the Organization. You'll know all the methods of handling and investigating any incidents of Sexual Harassment.

How To Achieve Harmony In The Workplace (Through Effective Interpersonal Communication)

This workshop examines the impact of attitude, ego, self-esteem and image on effective interpersonal communications when handling difficult people and situations in the workplace.

What You'll Learn:
  • How to know thyself
  • What are the characteristics of Difficult People
  • How to recognize a Difficult Person
  • The pitfalls to avoid when dealing with Difficult People
  • The steps you should take in dealing with Difficult People
  • The steps for solving the problem

Proactive Customer Service

This workshop identifies the hallmarks of quality Customer Service. The participants will discover their role in developing a realistic, quality Customer Service strategy.

What You'll Learn:
  • The big benefit of effective listening skills
  • Understanding the positive and negative aspects of nonverbal communication
  • Assessing your own attitude
  • Getting through to the customer in a positive manner
  • How to be a true professional

At the end of the workshop, all participants will understand the connection between attitude and effective customer service. They will know how to communicate effectively with the customer. They'll know how good customer service impacts on the image of the Organization — and on its "Bottom Line."

Effective Supervision/Management

This workshop examines the relationship between Supervisor and Subordinate. It will give the Supervisor effective strategies for handling any situation they encounter — particularly in a diverse work environment. Supervisors will learn the proper method of conducting a performance evaluation (Feedback — Documentation).

What You'll Learn:
  • The Dynamics of Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Goal Setting
  • When and how to use praise
  • Counseling
  • How to be a motivator
  • Performance documentation
  • Performance evaluation (Feedback)

By the end of the workshop, all participants will understand the dynamics of leadership. They will know how to build an effective team, how to set realistic goals, how to counsel effectively and how to apply motivational strategies that last. They'll know how to conduct effective performance appraisals through systematic documentation and feedback.

In addition to the above listed workshops, Major Ben's Consulting Agency is a Performax Distributor for the Carlson Learning Company.

PLEASE NOTE: All sessions are completely customized to address specific needs/concerns of the Organization.

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